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FreeBSD Multimedia Resources List

Links on this page refer to multimedia resources (podcast, vodcast, audio recordings, video recordings, photos) related to FreeBSD or of interest for FreeBSD users.

This list is available as chronological overview, as a tag cloud and via the sources.
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If you know any resources not listed here, or notice any dead links, please send details to Edwin Groothuis so that it can be included or updated.

Tag: mp4

  • New York City BSD Con 2008: BSD v. GPL - a.k.a. not the sequel to "BSD is Dying"
    Source: New York City *BSD User Group
    Added: 14 October 2008
    Tags: nycbsdcon, nycbsdcon2008, presentation, humor, bsd versus gpl, jason dixon
    MP4 (15 Mb)

    BSD vs GPL is a sweeping epic, focused on the dichotomy between good and evil. It peers inside the hearts and minds of the creators of these movements and dissects their battle for world domination. No common documentary will dare to follow the path that BSD vs GPL blazes.

  • New York City BSD Con 2006: BSD is Dying - A Cautionary Tale of Sex and Greed
    Source: New York City *BSD User Group
    Added: 02 November 2006
    Tags: nycbug, presentation, humor, bsd is dying, jason dixon
    MP4 (31Mb), QuickTime (19Mb), iPod (36Mb)

    BSD is Dying
    A Cautionary Tale of Sex and Greed
    Jason Dixon
    October 28, 2006

    First and foremost, I would like to thank the unique presentation styles of Dick Hardt and Lawrence Lessig for inspiring me to create this presentation.

    The following videos were created by exporting the original Keynote presentation slides into QuickTime video, then manually synchronizing them using iMovie HD with the audio recordings captured by Nikolai Fetissov. They were then exported into QuickTime, mpeg4 (H.264/AAC), and iPod movie formats. If you are having difficulties with the MP4 copy, and are unable to view QuickTime movies, please contact me and I'll try to assist.

  • Fosdem 2006: BSD
    Added: 05 June 2006
    Tags: source21, interview, daniel seuffert
    We talk with Daniel Seuffert about BSD. Several flavours of bsd were represented in a joint BSD booth: openbsd, freebsd, netbsd and miros. Daniel is representative of the FreeBSD project and among other things talks about the different operating systems that are build on top of freebsd. For instance, there are two distributions called pcbsd and desktopbsd that are targetted towards desktop users. There also is a version that specializes on security entitled trustedbsd.

  • COMPLETE Hard Disk Encryption with FreeBSD
    Source: 22nd Chaos Communication Congress
    Added: 23 August 2006
    Tags: ccc, ccc2005, ccc22, presentation, freebsd, harddisk encryption, marc schiesser
    Google Video (1:06:07), Slides (679Kb), Bittorrent link (37Kb)

    COMPLETE Hard Disk Encryption with FreeBSD, by Marc Schiesser

    Learn how to effectively protect not only your data but also your applications.

    Most technologies and techniques intended for securing digital data focus on protection while the machine is turned on mostly by defending against remote attacks. An attacker with physical access to the machine, however, can easily circumvent these defenses by reading out the contents of the storage medium on a different, fully accessible system or even compromise program code on it in order to leak encrypted information. Especially for mobile users, that threat is real. And for those carrying around sensitive data, the risk is most likely high. This talk will introduce a method of mitigating that particular risk by protecting not only the data through encryption, but also the applications and the operating system from being compromised while the machine is turned off.