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The abandoned toilet

Posted on 2004-11-09 15:32:51, modified on 2006-01-09 16:29:22
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Short story about my adventure on an abandoned toilet.

Early afternoon, just had lunch, needed to go shopping. And to the toilet, but it's not a priority right now.

Got back home and the not-such-a-priority has become a priority. And guess who forgot his keys: I can't get into the apartment building! What a timing... Nobody else answers their doorbells (not that it would help, I still couldn't get inside our apartment). There is a big garden outside, but everybody can see you there. And the only public toilets nearby I know are at the surf-club ten minutes walking (and this priority wouldn't let me do it).

Garden... pants... garden... pants... garden... GARAGE!

There is a toilet in the garage under the apartments. I have seen it when we moved in and for the rest I totally forgot about it. A real solution!

The garage under the apartments isn't the best illuminated place you can think of. And it has indirect "direct" access for all kind of bugs, spiders and snails to move through your garage.

First light-switch... doesn't do anything, but it's the one for the rest of the corridor where locked doors are... I see the door to the toilet, but it's locked. And it's dark here. Am I brave enough to open the door?

There are big ugly hairy spiders here in Australia, the ones you don't want to see during night or day. And cockroaches. And snails. And whatever can survive (or not!) in a locked room...

I'm brave enough to open the door. I hope so at least. The doorhandle is a turn knob. And it's dark inside, very dark. I fully open the door and turn on the light. Bad idea, now I see everything...

I carefully scan the floor, no sign of a spider. The right hand wall, no sign of something. OH FSCK, there is something in the top right hand corner! There is an exoskeleton of a spider hanging there. At least the owner isn't in it anymore. At the top of the roof is the air-hole to the garden, another place for things to hide in. A careful peek up doesn't show anything at three of the four walls inside. And the fourth one neither.

The water in the toilet is kind of strangely black. Not black-black, but transparent black. It gets mixed with about a liter of yellow water and the priority which brought me there in the first place is becoming less and less a priority and I even dare to look at the wall in front of me.

BAD IDEA! Something is making a shadow in front of me when I move my head! There must be a spider behind me at the light. And left! And right! Oh bloody, it's my own hair making the shadow. The last drops fall in the toilet pot and I reach out to do the last thing I want to do here: press the yellow button to flush.

I move out quickly, still haven't checked what's at the wall behind the door and I don't want to know. I survived and that is what most important. The light goes off and I wait until the car with my girl arrives. She doesn't leave her keys at home.

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