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How to beat the raffle at the St Marys Dutch Festival

Posted on 2006-03-27 12:20:03, modified on 2006-03-27 12:24:52
Tags: Happiness

Yesterday I went to the Dutch Festival in St Marys. Finally access to market fresh stroopwafels and boerenkool met worst!

Anyway, there was a so called instant raffle. You pay one dollar, you pick one ticket from the bowl and if there is a number on it, you win! So I payed one dollar and oh dear, no number. A sad dutchman for the rest of the day... (at least I didn't win a large bird cage).

Twenty minutes later, Naomi asked "Mind if I do an experiment?". No idea what she was talking about, but I'm always in for her kind of experiments. Two minutes later she comes back with a smile from ear to ear and a t-shirt. "Here, I won this for you at the raffles!". She said "It's pretty silly if they put sticky tape around the winning tickets with numbers...". I don't care, I got a t-shirt!

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