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Step one: Middle of the night to the hospital

Posted on 2006-09-03 10:41:53, modified on 2006-09-11 11:23:40
Tags: My gall bladder

Woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible pain in my chest which made me go "can't lay on my left side, right side, back or stomach", and realized that this could be bad. Bad is in not being able to "You rub it and it will get better.". Bad is in "Throwing up will only relieve pain for a couple of minutes, after which you feel like throwing up again.". Since it was past midnight, the only place to go to was the first aid section of the local hospital...

The local hospital is the only public hospital in southern Sydney and was build in 1958 with a lot of support of the local community. Little Dirk was born there :-)

So much for sight-seeing... The first aid, or emergency section, must be one of the most interesting places to spend the night: people are coming and going, with a huge variety of reasons. But when you're there because you're in pain and have visit the toilet every fifteen minutes to throw up it is not fun... (but hospitals aren't meant for fun things (except for given birth), so what do you expect :-)

After a short while I got called by a doctor which wanted to investigate my stomach area, and started to poke around on my chest. That was all fine until he found the area where the gal bladder was behind, and at that moment I nearly collapsed in pain (Good thing I was laying on the table :-). More poking to find the borders of the pain area, and they took some blood.

The blood samples showed I had increased white blood cell counts, which means that there is some infection somewhere. And the pain shows that there is a problem somewhere. Add one and one together and the rest of the story is known...

As the pain was reducing, and there was nothing they could do there for me, I was send home with the request to get ultrasounds made, and to see a specialist.

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