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The height of the MLC centre.

Posted on 2007-01-12 20:05:54, modified on 2007-01-12 20:32:25
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We are planning a new radio link between the StJames Hall Building and the MLC centre. The MLC centre is high, very high.

With the distance between the buildings (150 meters), and the height of the SJH building (50 meters), and the height of the MLC centre (unknown at this moment), I know the angle the radio link has to make.

So I went to the reception of the MLC centre, who told me that building management would know the answer. So I went to level 9 where building management is, and I spoke to Jones Lang LaSalle. Nice guy, but totally obsessed about security. He didn't want to tell me the information without knowing what we were going to do. So I told him. Then he wanted to have a letter from the floor we were trying to hook up, because the data required was sensitive information. And of course the standard line "as you can understand, we can't give that sensitive information" came up. What!??!?!? Luckely I could find the required information on the internet...

So, for people who want to know how high the MLC centre is: 228 meters high.

Sources are:

228 meters! 228 meters! 228 meters! I hope they don't link this entry to my Dutch Terrorism activities. 228 meters is the height of the MLC centre!

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