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CVSROOT-ports/modules re-animated

Posted on 2008-07-03 10:40:00
Tags: FreeBSD, FreeBSD ports

When it comes to the FreeBSD Ports collection, the CVS repository and the GNATS bug tracking system, people not always understand how its can be made easier.

For example: Did you know that the URL would bring you automatically to the PR with number 12345? And did you know that if you want to checkout the directory /ports/x11-wm/fvwm95, all you have to do it cvs co fvwm95 (For an easy Mozilla Firefox and Seamonkey (and probably other browsers) sidebar, visit this page)

So, what is the story about that cvs co fvwm95. The magic for that is stored in the file CVSROOT-ports/modules, it contains a list of all ports and their directories. The file is updated every time a port gets commited, removed or changed from location. At least that is the theory. Adding is done manually via the addport script, but removing and changing locations has been always a manual task.

Recently the caretaker of this file had enough of people whinching when he said they needed to update that file when it changed. So he said that support for it would cease. But but but... That would break at least one of my ways to do things easy!

I can do only one thing now, take control over it myself! So I proposed it to portmgr@, who approved it. The second thing to make is a script which mangles /usr/ports/INDEX to generate a modules file (in the shape I like it).

All that is done now, and the CVSROOT-ports/modules file is now updated once per day. See the CVS webinterface for the last update!

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