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src/share/zoneinfo updated to 2008h

Posted on 2008-10-14 16:00:00, modified on 2008-10-14 21:30:00
Tags: FreeBSD, zoneinfo

Still in time for the release of 7.1: src/share/zoneinfo is updated! Syria is still in summertime until 1 November 2008. For people in Argentinia, it is still unclear if you guys will have DST at the 19th of October, so if you have some form of information please tell me about it, with your sources. At this moment it is still assumed that you will have DST.

MFCs towards RELENG_7 and RELENG_6 have been requested, but not yet granted, but of course also available in the ports collection as misc/zoneinfo.

Update on 2008-10-14: MFCd into RELENG_7, RELENG_6 and 6.4.

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