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Cycling - Caringbah to Wollogong

Posted on 2009-01-10 21:00:00
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According to the map, this trip is only 66 kilometers, which should be doable easily in four hours. Unfortunately we are not talking about a flat country like the Netherlands, but hilly south-of-Sydney-in-Australia...

The summer in Australia has been a very nice one: Not day-after-day a blue sky with awful hot days, but a lot of clouded days with nice 20-25 degrees Celsius: Ideal for cycling!

So, the first part, to Heathcote went as normally in 75 minutes. As I have written before, the part between Waterfall and Helensburgh via the Freeway 1 is not a nice one, so I took the Old Princes Highway. Which is nice and windy and with trees, but also with one hill near the exit to the Woronora Dam Road which kind of went wrong in every way: Just before the turn, I gave Dirkie an apple and started eating a banana. So I needed my breath for eating and breathing. Then Dirkie found out that there is a hole in his apple (at the core) and doesn't like it anymore, so I had to eat his too. Another number of breaths gone, and I was still going uphill. Short story long: I walked the last 20% of the hill.

In Helensburgh we had late lunch, Dirkie played in the park and the sky opened to a full blue sky and the temperature soared up. So we didn't get further than Stanwell Beach where we got picked up by Naomi for a swim.

Next time we will do the last 28 kilometers between Stanwell Park and Wollongong, but not today. Not today...

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Posted on: 2009-01-10 21:58:47
CommentThere is a reason Wollongong has produced far more than its fair share of motorcycle champions - I'll start your Google with "Wayne Gardner". And I wish I knew who it was who said it, but it's because Wollongong sits at the bottom of a basin, which means in any direction (apart from the wocean) you got long, windy, steep roads - perfect for cutting your teeth on for motorcycle grand prix.

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