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Posted on 2009-02-25 09:30:00
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It seems a long time ago since I've started at Riverbed TAC, but it's only four months (three months if you consider that the original training didn't finish until I was there for four weeks). So far so good, I completed the probation period of three months and this morning I sat for my RCSP exam.

I don't really like the style these exams are being taken in: You get 70 questions, some with one correct answer and some with multiple answers you need to pick. So after 30-45 minutes, you have enough of it and want only to know one thing: Do I have to come back next week or can I not worry about it for the next two years.

But the final result doesn't matter, you are given a list of topics and the percentage of how much of each topic you had correct. So you don't know which ones you had wrong. Or if the ones on which you doubted yourself on were correct or not. It is just a snapshot of how much you know now and if you get a lucky batch of questions you pass. These exams are not for learning from your mistakes, not meant to improve yourself.

Now the good news, I don't have to do it again for another two years!

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