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Train evacuation due a sick passenger

Posted on 2009-04-29 08:00:00
Tags: CityRail, Rant

Last night when travelling home on the train, we got a message over the intercom saying that the train wouldn't go further than Kogarah because of a sick passenger. Eight carriages, two floors each, 50+ passengers per floor (nine rows of five passengers each, plus standing), that makes 800+ people who had to get out and being distributed over other trains.

When a car brakes down on the Sydney Harbour bridge, or in one of the many tunnels, you are supposed to stay in the car until somebody comes with a pickup truck which will get your car and you away from the bridge or tunnel so that the traffic can keep flowing and that it causes the least delay.

Of the 800 people, about 600 of them had to walk past the sick man, who was laying on the platform and surrounded by at small yellow fence (good idea) and four people with yellow and orange vests, which makes me believe that they were people who understood what was going on. On the way to the other platform I saw two ambulance medics with a stretcher coming down via a lift to the platform, so all went smooth from that side too.

The next two trains going in the direction I wanted to go to were already packed when they arrived at the station (remember this is peak hour) and even more packed when they left the station. When I finally got on the third train, about half an hour after we were told to leave the train, the abandonned train was still standing on the platform.

That really makes me wonder why the policy of Cityrail with regarding to injured passengers is to abandon the train and get everybody to change to, during peak hours, already packed trains. Getting the injured person of the train, in the capable hands of the station personel (oh oh, but Kogarah is a big station) so that the delay for the 800 other people is minimized. Also, he will be spared from the 800 people walking past him who, while he is laying inmobilized on the floor, silently blame him for the delay.

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Posted on: 2009-05-01 16:06:13
CommentI was on this train too. We where told it was a crime scene. How does a sick passenger cause a crime scene ?

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