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STS-127 and 3G

Posted on 2009-07-11 11:00:00
Tags: Space, 3G

I'm in a inside childrens playground in Nowra (2 hours south of where we live) and while Dirkie is experimenting with slides and friction and Hanorah is trying to put matching blocks together, thanks to the powers of 3G and a laptop I can still can do some of the things I want to do (Which isn't writing weblog entries :-)

Right now I'm streaming the pre-launch video of the launch of the STS-127 Space Shuttle mission. According to the e169-stats program, it downloads about 600 kilobytes per minute. Per hour that is 36 megabytes. Per day that is 864 megabytes. With less than 24 hours to go for the scheduled launch tomorrow at 09:36 AM Sydney time (we're playing the waiting game now), this will cost me less than 1/5th of my monthly total. If I would leave it on for the next 24 hours that is.

Right now the video is the Space Shuttle on the launchpad with not much happening - Now and then a bird flies by, somebody walks in front of a light etc. It must be very cheap MPEG encoding: Just send one full frame and nearly zero-length update frames.

Yay go STS-127!

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