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Project VP in 2009/2010

Posted on 2009-08-02 14:00:00
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Last years Project Vegetable Patch was a nearly complete success: I found a way to usefully spend the money from the Google Ads revenue stream (say AU$ 200 per year), I found a way to entertain and educate Dirk and Hanorah in a positive way and I got a load of carrots. The only thing which didn't work was the pumpkin, but I blame that on my (current lack of) skills.

So, yesterday I spend another chunk of money from the Google Ads on proper boots this time: Last year I used my rough surface walking shoes aka my motor boots, but since they kind of fell apart in pieces one day when I tried them on, I couldn't use them anymore. A quick visit to the Hard Yakka shop in Caringbah gave me both new Redback boots and new working gloves.

The next thing was to reclaim the previous vegetable patch: The grass in the garden has been gaining ground on it again, but the patch of a square meter was easily identifiable and the ground was turned in not time. This went much better than last year when it was all wet and rock solid, with lots of rocks and roots.

After having done the old patch in no-time, I got brave and decided to increase the size. That was a bad idea. Just like last year, that new piece of patch was wet and rock solid, with lots of rocks and roots. Thanks to my new boots and gloves it was less messy than before, but it kind of ruined hands and back.

At a certain moment I had enough of it, it was only doubled in size instead of much bigger. But if next year the turning of the ground goes as good as it went this time, I will add another square meter to it!

The additional experiment we did this time was to use the ashes (plus crushed coal, plus dropped fat) from the leg-of-cow we had on the barbeque spit earlier this year as fertilizer - I really wonder how good that will go.

The next thing this afternoon, or next week, will be to start seeding again. For now I will stick to things which grow without the need to be fertilized: Carrots and beet-root and things like that.

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