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Nintendo Wii hardware problems

Posted on 2009-10-07 12:30:00
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Last weekend Hanorah managed to break the Nintendo Wii: Forcing a second DVD into the chassis kind of ruined it for everybody. On its own this isn't a big issue, but considering that this month everybody in the family got addicted to Super Mario Galaxy, the tensions in the house rose faster than a couple of neighbouring countries with old wounds and money to spend on armies.

As usual, fixing this thingie seemed impossible. This guide on how to disassemble your Nintendo Wii talked about a tri-wing screwdriver (which I didn't have (but found in a shop in Bankstown)) and a normal small screwdriver.

Thanks to the above mentioned guide, I knew which screws to unscrew. Three minutes later I had found the problem (some metal bars of the disk lifting mechanics were bended) and rectified the problem. The disk spinned again!

I had removed a total of 20 screws, in six different shapes and sizes. In the good engineering tradition I managed to put the Nintendo Wii back in into its original shape leaving seven screws on my desk which didn't properly fit in any of the holes currently still unoccupied. And this metal cover also didn't make it back into the box... Nintendo, please reduce the amount of different screws because this is just bad design.

Anyway, I'm off to collect Star Bits and Stars and Grand Stars, because Bowser still has Princes Peach in his captivity!

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Posted on: 2009-10-07 13:30:33
CommentI think I speak for all of us, when I say:

And peace was restored!
Posted on: 2009-10-07 14:26:39
CommentThere's a great set of 100 screwdriver bits that you can find in many places.

I found mine at Jaycar but can't find it on their website right now. Much better value than buying lots of small sets of bits.
Posted on: 2009-10-07 17:48:48
CommentI had a similar issue with my daughter putting a plastic coin in our wii dvd slot. Thankfully nothing was bent, but I did have to crack open the case much like you did.
Posted on: 2009-10-08 01:29:52
CommentBe happy that it was not the update to version 4.2 of the Wii firmware which can render your Wii useless (replacing the boot code of the Wii with an buggy update function, if you trust the messages flowing around in the internet). If it would have been this, you wouldn't have been able to fix it yourself.

If you haven't updated (and don't need the shop channel), better wait a while and cross fingers the next update will be better (at least I do this).
ReplyThink of me what you want, but we haven't had a wireless network at
our home for a long time (Access Point broke down and haven't had
the itch to replace it yet)... No unnecessary updates on our Wii!

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