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FreeBSD - Cutting down

Posted on 2010-08-27 18:00:00
Tags: FreeBSD

It has been two years since I had a fleet of FreeBSD machines under my control. It has been two months since I lost the videocard of my FreeBSD desktop at home. It has been a good year since something went wrong with the hardware on my laptop and X caused it to hang very fast. It has been a good couple of months, actually since I bought an iPhone and a Mac mini, that I did some FreeBSD development at home. I don't read the mailinglists anymore, I rarely answer emails in relation to it anymore, I haven't visited the IRC channels in months. I think that it is a past station for me.

Completely? No. I still use it on my laptop, in console mode, while traveling from home to work and vice verse. I still update the ports misc/zoneinfo and the timezone data on it. I still use it at home to do my email on, to IRC on and to do things for which I don't have the software on the Mac mini. I made an app for the iPhone called "The FreeBSD Project" which gives some of the social aspects of FreeBSD and the people around it.

Today I've decided to handover some tasks in relation to the things I did for the FreeBSD project. One is the GNATS Auto Assign project for the PRs in relation to the ports system, most likely going into the capable hands of the Bugmeister team. The next one will be a batch of ports, they are up for grab. Except the software I made myself and misc/zoneinfo, something I still manage to keep up to date.

I will see if I can get the FreeBSD Multimedia Resources back into air again, it has grown stale for a good 15 months. Point the finger at me if you need.

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Posted on: 2010-08-28 05:58:02
CommentI never had the courage and decisiveness to make such an announcement - and in weeks nobody cared anyway.

Still looking for a way back.

Good luck with real life!

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