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Volleyball, summer competition 2010/2011

Posted on 2011-02-28 18:00:00
Tags: Sports, Volleyball

Despite the serious losses our team had in the previous Winter 2010 competition, for example the zero won games and thus being ranked last, I decided to go continue in the Summer 2010/2011 competition. Minor detail: Nobody from the old group kept playing. Luckely we got a new team together.

This season wasn't as bad as the previous one despite that we still ended up second last: We won two games.

Our new team has a good players, we just don't work together or take the basic rules into account. Too many times the ball just gets slammed into our side of the net, too many times we don't setup properly, and too many times we lose the ball because we don't take a step to the left or right to properly catch and play the ball.

For the next competition, how to can explain these issues to the members of my team without upsetting him or her and everybody else? Maybe I should just do it and see what happens...

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