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My mallet finger - Thursday 9 June 2011

Posted on 2011-06-09 16:00:00
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We went to see the hand-surgeon. From the X-rays he saw that the break was at a nasty location: it was broken of in the contact area of the joint. First a proper cast instead if the splint and then new X-rays in case the piece of bone was put back in place by the cast: it wasn't.

So the next options were: leave it like this and it will be half-fine or have an operation and it will be fully fine. There are two kind of operations which he could do: a screw with which the broken piece get puts back or a two-wire approach with which the broken piece gets pushed against the bone and regrows that way. Because of the size of the piece broken off we chose for the wire.

After the operation I will have two pieces of wire sticking out of my finger for four to six weeks, but they are luckily under a dressing, and have a cask for that period too. After that everything should be back in volleyball-playing-condition again!

Next update: Coming Wednesday most likely.

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From: John Slee
Posted on: 2011-06-09 23:23:14
CommentUrgh :-(

Something like this happened to my left pinky finger in late 2008, though I got mine via unintentional destruction of a motorbike, and I did some other damage to that fingertip-bone as well. Got a "K-wire", which by your description is the same thing you got.

Beware the wire removal! In my case an attending female nurse was actually not physically strong enough to pull the wire straight out, so she grabbed a nearby male doctor who took the proffered pliers, gripped the wire, gave it a savage wiggle (this HURT LIKE BURNING HELL!) and yanked the wire out. Rest assured that this was very #&^%ing far from pleasant :-(

2.5 years later my finger still feels a bit strange at the fingertip where the wire protruded, and there is a tiny "dot" scar there. Not painful at all, but the nerves don't seem to provide the same "feeling" of feedback as my other fingertips do. Strange, as I said. I expect there was some minor nerve damage.

Hope you heal up quickly and get full mobility back!

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