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My mallet finger - Wednesday 15 June 2011

Posted on 2011-06-15 16:00:00
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Last week it was decided that my mallet finger had to be fixed via an operation during which I will get two wires inserted into my finger: One below the nail which will push the broken piece back against the bone, and one through the upper bone and halfway the middle bone so that bone doesn't move anymore.

Today was the big day. We had to be in the hospital at 08:30, which is about half an hour before Dirkie and Hanorah go to school. So they slept with their grandparents and were very excited about the fact that they got breakfast in a plastic bag in the car on their way to school. I wish everybody was so easily pleaseble.

When you made the appointment to go to the hospital, you know from the moment you enter the building you have lost control over your life until you leave you are on somebody elses schedule. It will involve a lot of waiting, and there is nothing you can do about it:

Before you get in the operation room, you will be asked the same question every time: Your name, date of birth, name of the doctor and what they are going to do on you. Just to make sure they have the right guy in front of them.

The procedure done on my finger was over in 20 minutes. The anastetic I got was a finger block, two needles in my hand which neutralized all feeling in the ring finger, and some drowsiness stuff which I think didn't really work at all. During the operation I could hear the drill, but not feel the things they did on my finger.

At 14:30, after the operation and when I was out of bed, I was given an arm sling to keep my hand up and a prescription for painkillers. Six hours real-time for a 20 minutes procedure, it's very low duty-cycle.

The finger itself now has a splint at the top of the hand and a lot of bandage around it. You can see the wire sticking out at the top of my finger, which is right now not scary yet...

I was told to take the painkillers when my fingers started to tingle, which was a couple of hours later. Since the pain didn't come back after that, I didn't take anymore and slept through the night.

So is there pain? Yes and no.

There is irritated skin (for lack of a better description) around where the wires are sticking out. But there is no pain because of the drilling, which can be either because there is no pain or because the nerves in my pink and ring finger there are numb: For the last four years I haven't had any feeling in them. I have seen a specialist for it who has done the famous frog tests which will pull your muscles when an electrical current is going through them and they didn't find anything wrong with the nerves there.

Maybe that has gotten me through the night without painkillers, maybe there was no pain to start with...

On Monday I have my first physiotherapy at 08:00.

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