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Woolworths Earn and Learn stickers

Posted on 2013-05-02 08:00:00
Tags: Rant

Woolworths has a Earn and Learn program, where during a two month period you get one sticker for every ten dollars spend at them. I have always been interested in knowing how much of the ten dollars goes back to the schools.

According to [[//][this article] on the ABC website, the Oaks Public School spend almost half a million dollars in Woolworths' stores to be returned school supplies with a value of about 2,700 dollars.

That is about 0.5%, or 5 cents per 10 dollars.

If I spend 100 dollars per week at Woolworths (which I don't because most of the money is spend at the bakierie, chicken shop, butcher and vegetable shop), I will make 50 cents for the school.

If I would give the school 10 dollars, that is the equivalent of 20 weeks of Earn and Learn. And the amount of profit equivalent of 2000 dollars worth of purchased items less for Woolworths.

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