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Posted on 2002-07-18 19:07:15, modified on 2006-01-09 16:29:21
Tags: Coding

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In the past I've setup a project called LogReport. It's for analyzing logfiles from mail-servers, DNS-servers, web-servers etc. Actually all what is producing logfiles.

In the last year I haven't really helped them, more because I wasn't really in a position for it: I didn't have access to real systems, only small logfiles of myself. And that doesn't really help.

But times are changing! I do contract work for BarNet, an ISP for barristers and chambers in Sydney. With about 14 class C networks, they transport a lot of email, do lots of DNS requests and have lots of traffic on their websites. It looks like the good days are coming back again!

Right now I've created two new super-services (see the LogReport website for explanation on what a super-service is): dnszone for DNS logfile analysis and radius for Radius logfile analysis. They are not submitted to Lire yet (see the LogReport website for explanation on what Lire is), but I have faith!

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