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This years christmas CD contains...
Back to the hospital
Ouch! That hurts!
/etc/resolv.conf in jails

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This years christmas CD contains...

Posted on 2006-12-24 09:29:37, modified on 2006-12-24 21:46:18
Tags: Music, Xmas

  1. David Bowie - Peace of Earth, Little Drummer boy
  2. Jackson 5 - Santa Claus is comin' to Town
  3. Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody
  4. Pretenders - 2000 Miles
  5. Weird Al Yankovic - The Night Santa Went Crazy
  6. The Muppets - Twelve Days of Christmas
  7. ABBA - Happy New Year
  8. The Beatles - Chistmas time (Is Here Again)
  9. John Lennon - Happy Xmas (War is Over)
  10. Queen - Thank God It's Christmas
  11. Fay Lovsky - Christmas was a friend of mine
  12. Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry
  13. Paul McCartney - We all stand together
  14. Wham! - Last Christmas
  15. Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

And with that, all the best for the new year!

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Back to the hospital

Posted on 2006-12-15 13:27:39, modified on 2007-01-04 13:44:09
Tags: My gall bladder

I woke up this morning at 06:30 with a horrible pain again, and despite that I promised myself earlier this week to go to the hospital when it happened again, I didn't until 10:30. I'm not a woss, I'm just an idiot... Painkillers didn't work in the short time it had between swallowing them and spitting them out when my stomach cramped together again.

So with my ultrasounds under one arm and my pyjamas under the other arm, I crawled towards the Sutherland Hospital. Luckely they believed me this time when I said "it's gall bladder pain", and put me full of morphine. Well, one shot but it kind of saved my sanity for the day. Naomi said that after I got that shot I started a line and halfway fell asleep. Good stuff.

I got the normal blood and urine tests, but they didn't show up an infected gall bladder, so they didn't want to admit me and cut me open... At 15:30 I woke up again, and the pain was gone (stupid stone, get stuck in it next time!). At 16:00 I was able to walk again and left the hospital. But I will be back, because you can't trust these gall bladders and sooner or later it's going to explode!

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Ouch! That hurts!

Posted on 2006-12-11 13:46:11, modified on 2007-01-04 13:50:41
Tags: My gall bladder

Woke up at 11:30 again, and after half an hour of twisting and turning I moved Dirkie to my bed and spend the night in Dirkies bed: Much closer to the toilet, and much nobody has to worry about me getting up and back to bed the whole time. At 05:00 the pain finally dropped, and I had some sleep before the alarm clock went off (and got thrown through the window). Next time when this happens I go to the hospital and they can get rid of it...

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/etc/resolv.conf in jails

Posted on 2006-12-11 09:04:18, modified on 2006-12-11 11:42:03
Tags: FreeBSD, DNS

I have been plagued by this error in some of my jails for a long time:

$ dig
;; reply from unexpected source:, expected

telnet itself works fine, it's just that dig and friends give this strange error. What is also strange is that the tcpdump output doesn't reflect the settings in /etc/resolv.conf:

$ cat /etc/resolv.conf

And the tcpdump output:

# tcpdump -ni lo0 port 53
11:28:45.204241 IP >  15750 A? (29)
11:28:45.218305 IP >  15750- 0/4/4 (203)

Of course this was a configuration issue. In /etc/resolv.conf, the right statement is nameserver, not server. But the resolver in the jail looked through the /etc/resolv.conf of the host which contains

But the final question is: Where does it get from? It is the IP address of the jail, to which silently gets translated to. But the resolver still expects it to come from the number, and is for that reason throwing the warning.

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