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Edwin Groothuis

Unit 15
18 Ocean Street
Cronulla, 2230
Phone: +61-2-9527 3527
E-mail: edwin@mavetju.org
Personal website: http://www.mavetju.org

Personal Information

Nationality: Dutch (The Netherlands)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 31 December 1970
Marital Status: Married
Place of Birth: Geldrop, The Netherlands
Visa for Australia: Permanent, no work limitations


1989 - 1993 -- Institute of Technology, Eindhoven
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Bachelor of Science in the field of Electrical Engineering specialization in Technical Computer Science

1982 - 1989 -- St. Joris College, Eindhoven
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Higher School Certificate (Courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Dutch and English language).


Current Driver's License: Dutch, type B (cars only)

Community Activities

Dutch Contest for Young Scientists
I helped organize the annual contest on four occasions between 1993 and 1997.

Eindhovense Computer Associatie
I ran the Bulletin Board System between 1992 and 1996, gave support on Unix-related questions from 1996 - 2001, wrote articles for the magazine published by the ECA.

Work Experience

March 2002 - current -- Nominum Inc (on contract base)

  • Design and implemenation of a prototype for Enterprise IP Space address management application.
    Keywords: PHP, PostgreSQL DB, IP Space management.
  • Design and implemenation of a DHCP/DNS Discovery Centre for gathering information about DHCP servers, DNS servers and administrative data and to perform datamining on the data collected.
    Keywords: DNS, DHCP, PHP, PostgreSQL DB.

Februari 2002 - current -- BarNetwork Pty Limited

  • Design and implementation of network performance monitoring tools to be able to automatic limit bandwidth for abusers.
  • Design and implementation of the migration from a staticly configured network to a fully meshed network with dynamic routing,
    Keywords: OSPF, BGP, ADSL
  • Design and implementation of an LDAP directory service for mailing addresses, contact information and authentication services.
    Keywords: OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL DB
  • Design and implementation of an accounting system for billing events in the network (dialin, faxservices, SMS service)
    Keywords: PHP, PostgreSQL DB
  • Design and implementation of a fax-server for incoming and outgoing faxes and post-processing of these faxes.
    Keywords: PHP, PostgreSQL DB
  • Design and implementation of a court-session overview and notification system.
    Keywords: PHP, PostgreSQL DB
  • System administration, network administration and general troubleshooting.
    Keywords: FreeBSD, network and system administration, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, Radius, Webservers, TCP/IP, Nagios systems monitor.

April 1995 - September 2001 -- Philips Communication and Processing Services / Origin / Atos Origin

  • August 1999 - September 2001 -- Intranet Services
    Responsible for the development and roll-out of DNS software for Philips, Origin and third party customers.
    Tasks: design and development of a toolset to manage the contents of the centralized DNS / DHCP databases by de-centralized administrators; Design and development of a toolset to manage registration of domains for multiple customers; Support the DNS / SMTP Team with regard to content- and logfile-analyzing for daily operations and troubleshooting.
    Keywords: ISC DNS (bind), ISC DHCP, PHP, Perl, C, Unix system administration, TCP/IP troubleshooting.
  • June 1996 - August 1999 -- Network Management Team
    Part of a team which was responsible for the roll-out, implementation and maintenance of network management software for monitoring the global TCP/IP network of Philips, Origin and third party customers.
    Tasks: Design and implementation of a database system for router-, switch- and dialin-server-configurations; Design and development of a toolset for the auditing of the routers in the network; Support the Networking Team with regard to router-configuration and logfile analyze for troubleshooting.
    Keywords: Cisco routers/switches, TCP/IP networking, TCP/IP troubleshooting, IP space management, SNMP, C, Perl, auditing, HTML, UNIX system administration.
  • April 1995 - December 1996 -- Networking Team
    Part of the team which was the central responsible for the global TCP/IP network of Philips Electronics.
    Tasks: upgrade and standardization of the network-equipment regarding hardware, software and configuration.
    Keywords: Cisco routers/switches, TCP/IP networking, IGRP/RIP -> EIGRP migration, TCP/IP troubleshooting, IP space management, Cisco, CiscoWorks, Sun SunView, SNMP.

February - March 1995 -- DHV Water

  • Design and implementation of a water-pollution-flow program.

Voluntary work

June 2000 - December 2000 -- LogReport
An Open Source project to give system administrators the possibility to process logfiles of their systems in such a way that reports of two different software packages (for example, mail-gateways) look the same and can be used for further processing of the data.

December 1997 - December 2002 -- Fatal Dimensions MUD
A virtual game-world on the internet to which people all over the world (USA, Europe, Australia) play. My job there is the main-coder, which means that I am final responsible for the program itself, for adding new features and solving problems. The codebase is in C (about 128 thousand lines of code) and has some unique features like an internal TCL-based programming language.

- current -- Open Source Software
I am sharing my knowledge regarding Unix and FreeBSD in general and my skills regarding software development and networking in the following ways:

  • I am actively involved in discussions on several mailing-lists, such as the FreeBSD Questions and the ROM mud-coders mailing-lists.
  • I am supporting the FreeBSD project by supplying problem reports and support porting of other programs to the FreeBSD Operating System, I'm an active committer to the FreeBSD ports collection. more information.
  • I have released a set of networking tools regarding DHCP and DNS, PHP and low-level networking.


Operating Systems

  • up to 1994 -- MS-DOS, user and programmer
  • 1994 - 1996 -- OS/2, user and programmer
  • 1995 - current -- Several Unixes
    • Sun Solaris as user
    • BSD/OS as user/programmer/system administration
    • FreeBSD as user/programmer/system administration
    • IBM AIX as user/system administration
    • Debian GNU/Linux as user/programmer
    • NetBSD as user/programmer

Programming languages

  • 1985 - 1994 -- Pascal (rusted)
  • 1992 - current -- C (very good)
  • 1996 - current -- Perl (good)
  • 1996 - current -- Shell script programming (good)
  • 1999 - current -- PHP (good)


  • MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Development tools

  • vi, gcc, gdb, gprof, cvs, make, awk, sed, nroff, furthermore anything which is can be found on a system running a Unix operating system.


  • TCP/IP (good regarding the protocol itself (IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, UDP, TCP); the protocols on top of it (FTP, SSH, telnet, SMTP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, POP3, NNTP, NTP, SNMP, NFS etc); the implementation into the operating system; debugging; and "how it works")
  • World-Wide-Web (good regarding Apache webserver; PHP; CGI-scripting; HTML; and CSS)
  • Networking regarding Cisco switches and routers (good regarding the Cisco IOS; routing protocols; and debugging)

Special Interests

  • Security regarding computers, networks and programming.
  • The impact of computers and the use of computers on life.
  • The FreeBSD project and the Open Source Software movement.
  • History of computers and networking.


  • Mr. Anton Holleman, Consultant Engineer Nominum Europe. email: anton.holleman@nominum.com
  • Mr. Michael Green, BarNetworking Pty Limited. email: michael.green@stjames.net.au

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