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OpenBSD Multimedia Resources List

Links on this page refer to multimedia resources (podcast, vodcast, audio recordings, video recordings, photos) related to OpenBSD or of interest for OpenBSD users.

This list is available as chronological overview, as a tag cloud and via the sources.
This list is also available as RSS feed

If you know any resources not listed here, or notice any dead links, please send details to Edwin Groothuis so that it can be included or updated.

Tag: plugfest

  • Sean Bruno - Firewire BoF Plugfest
    Source: BSDCan - The Technical BSD Conference
    Added: 25 May 2009
    Tags: bsdcan, bsdcan2009, presentation, firewire, plugfest, sean bruno
    Slides (37 Kb, 1 page)

    Firewire BoF Plugfest
    Debugging and testing of Firewire products with FreeBSD

    Come one come all to a Firewire plugfest. Let's debug and test together and see if we can't knock out some features and bugs.

    A hands-on testing and debugging session of the Firewire stack in FreeBSD.

    Everyone who wishes to attend should bring their Firewire devices, ext Drives and Cameras, and their Laptops. I will be debugging and capturing data points to enhance and improve features in the Firewire stack.

    We should be able to knock out quite a bunch of bugs if folks can bring their various Firewire devices along with their various PCs.

    Even if your Firewire device works perfectly, bring it by so it can be documented as supported by the Firewire team!

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