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Posted on 2013-07-11 08:00:00
Tags: Happiness, reddit

The website, self-proclaimed "Front page of the Internet", has one section which I like to visit while bringing my kids to bed: The [[//][Ask Reddit] section, in which people post their comments on a certain subject. There are a lot of shitty questions which you can ask, but due to the moderation system I only get served the highly rated ones, plus if the subject of the question doesn't interest me I don't bother to read it.

Yesterday the one I read was "What's a story that you've heard that still gives you chills to this day?". Most of them are real-life stories and some made-up-to-scary-teenagers ones. This one particularly stuck with me, but didn't scare me when I was reading it last night:

A kid is playing in his room, when he hears his mother call him from the kitchen. He puts down his toys and walks down the stairs, when suddenly upstairs he sees his mother who says "Don't go there, I heard that voice as well."

Typical sitting-around-the-fire-and-scaring-each-other-story and it didn't bother me last night.

This early morning at 06:00, still dark, while hanging up the washing, I hear a sound behind the bins which are standing in the dark corner of the garden about three meters away from me. And the only thought that my scumbag brain could come up with was "I heard that sound as well."... Needless to say that I wasn't feeling happy anymore.

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