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Things you won't see in the Netherlands after a move.
We're moving!

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Things you won't see in the Netherlands after a move.

Posted on 2002-09-11 19:22:33, modified on 2006-01-09 16:29:21
Tags: Computers

With moving to our new place, I had an expensive learning-experience. After I had installed the computers in the new computerroom (well, no lifted floor, no airco and no fireprevention system), the corners of my monitor were shaking and flickering. "Oh dear", I thought, "that is not a good sign.". Degaussing didn't help, slamming the monitor didn't work and playing with the controls didn't do any good neither.

Time to face the reality, the poor Philips 107E monitor hadn't survived the trip. I had to replace it. First thing to think about was a LCD screen, but these things are still so expensive it's not funny. And then I'm not even talking about ones which can so 1280x1024. Back to another Philips tube, the 107T this time. It is really flat and it had a nice feature called "LightFrame". What LightFrame actually does is increase the brightness of the screen so the screen looks better in an environment where the light is bright.

But... the symptons didn't disappear! And even got worse during the day! I was disappointed in the monitor and confused because "this couldn't happen". I just had to live with it I thought.

That night we walked through the area behind the appartments and there I saw the electricity cables going into the appartment, right into the wall behind our computerroom. And everything became clear for me. After moving my desk to another wall the flickering stopped and my new and old monitors where happy again.

I've told some people on #sage-au about my experiences and they had the same experiences:

<Jiko> I've got an area in our office here like that, can't put anyone there to work
<Jiko> we've got a whiteboard in our area. :)
<ashridah> MavEtJu: rofl. we've got that effect at the office
<ashridah> there's one wall where we can't put electrical equipment. it refuses to turn on half the time
<ashridah> we had to put a bookshelf there instead
<snerd> MavEtJu: um, that's nuts
<snerd> that much emr can't be good

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We're moving!

Posted on 2002-09-07 03:30:12, modified on 2006-01-09 16:29:21
Tags: Happiness

After being in Australia for more than a year we're moving into our own place: An appartment in Cronulla, opposite of Shelly Park. As usual, the X marks the spot. 250 meters from the sea and we can see the waves! My Cronulla page has more maps and pictures of the house.

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