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Project VP in 2010
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Project VP in 2010

Posted on 2010-09-19 21:00:00
Tags: Project VP

This weekend I started with Project VP again. Two years ago I started with turning over one square meter of ground, last year it was two square meters and this year... This year I gave up after the first one-meter-row and invested some money in a raised garden frame.

Why? Mostly because I was doing it wrong. The ground here is full of stones, most likely a rubbish dump thing. The first years I could work around that "easily" because I didn't know what I was up to, this year I knew that it was going to be hell again with these stones and it killed my enthousiasm after the first row.

So, was project VP this year doomed before it was started or was it going to be something much bigger? After a small moment of deep pondering I remembered the gardening frames I saw at a local markets: More or less you have four one-meter planks which together made a square which could be filled with soil and then used for growing vegetables.

Doing a little bit of math, one package of 4 planks gives you 1x1 meter. Two packages of 4 planks gives you 1x3 meters. The planks are 20 centimeters high, gives you 600 liters of soil you need. Bunnings sells bags at 25 or 30 liters, so you need 24 or 20 of them.

So... we are back in action, this time with proper soil, proper seeds and hopefully a much better outcome.

I bought the frames at ezyBegies. I bought the soil and seeds at Bunnings.

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AusNOG04 talk slides

Posted on 2010-09-16 13:00:00
Tags: AusNOG, Riverbed

The slides of my talk at the AusNOG04 conference about "WAN Optimization - Changes to more than just a box".


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