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Bacula client-side user exclusion flag

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Bacula client-side user exclusion flag

Posted on 2008-04-13 15:00:09, modified on 2008-04-13 15:00:00
Tags: Bacula, Networking

Today I finished my "Bacula client-side user exclusion flag"patch. Let me explain what it is:

So in proper english: A way for end-users to exclude certain directories from being backed up. Without the need to hassle the system administrator, or to be able to edit system specific files.

How it works: In your FileSet add the option IgnoreDir:

FileSet {
    Name = "Remote Specified"
    Include {
	Options {
	    signature = MD5
	File = "\\</etc/bacula-include"
	IgnoreDir = .nobackup
    Exclude {
	File = "\\</etc/bacula-exclude"
And if my /etc/bacula-include contains:
I can drop files called .nobackup in directories I don't want to backup:
[~] edwin@>find . -name .nobackup

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